Flying Effects For Live Shows — Great Selection Tips To Be Aware Of

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If you plan to put on a live show involving flight, you need to get impactful and safe effects for your performers. You'll have an easy time tracking them down if you use the following advice as a search guide.

Put an Emphasis on Safety

You want flying effects that look great and make your theatrical show turn out amazing, but the most crucial aspect you must acknowledge is safety. After all, safe flying effects keep accidents at bay and all of your performers confident. 

When searching for safe flying effects, buy from a supplier with decades of experience in the entertainment industry. You should also look for safety certifications that prove the flying effects are not prone to accidents on stage. 

Utilize Demonstrations

You can learn a lot about flying effects by looking at pictures and watching videos, but there is no substitute for seeing these effects in real time. For that reason, find a way to schedule demonstrations once you find a supplier to order from.

They can bring these effects to your stage and run through trial tests, showing what the effects are capable of. All the while, you can inspect their safety, quality, and beauty to ensure you choose the right option. 

Stay on Budget 

Something to pay attention to when tracking down flight effects for a live entertainment show is your budget. After all, you probably have a specific price range to stick to so that you don't dig yourself into a stressful financial hole.

Fortunately, flying effects offer a pretty sizable price range. Some effects cost hundreds of dollars, while others range into the thousands. Just stick to a budget that you can afford with ease. 

Try to Maintain Realism 

Realism is one of the most important aspects of flying effects for live shows. When the effects look natural, it's much easier for the audience to stay captivated. They won't question what they're seeing because everything will look so real. 

To find genuine flying effects, you need to focus on a couple of things. That includes realistic movement and harnesses that don't stick out that much. Again, utilize in-person demonstrations to verify that your flying effects have enough authenticity. 

You need quality effects to allow performers to fly during a live show performed in front of an audience. You won't go through a whole ordeal getting them if you find a reputable supplier and verify key attributes before checking out.

Reach out to a supplier, such as Paul Rubin, to learn more.


17 July 2023

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