2 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a DJ for Your Upcoming Wedding

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While planning your wedding, your excitement may be intermingled with the pressure to create your perfect day. You have so many details to work out, including which DJ you would like to oversee the music at the reception.

When you contact a prospective DJ, they will have many questions about specific details and options that you want to be included. Before you contact them, sit down by yourself and ask yourself a couple of questions to start sorting out what you really want for your wedding.

1. What Types of Music Do You Not Want and Not Want to Be Played at Your Wedding?

The first question has to do with the music that the DJ will play at your wedding. First off, you want to ask yourself what style of music you want. If your wedding will be a traditional wedding, you may decide on classic selections or standard wedding music. If the atmosphere is more laid back, you may want some more modern music played.

As important as knowing what music you want at your wedding, you should also make a list of types of music you definitely do not want to be played. Having both lists available can help the DJ compile a list of songs that they feel would fit your desires.

2. What Type of Atmosphere Do You Want the DJ to Create on Your Big Day?

Another question you should ask yourself has to do with the general atmosphere and mood of the wedding. This can help you assess whether the DJ you intend to hire will fit in with the style you want to convey.

If you want a somber atmosphere, you may want a DJ with a muted personality that sets a classic theme without being overbearing. However, if you plan on having a laid-back wedding with a touch of humor, you would want a DJ that has a comedic sense of timing as they guide the festivities and introduce the music.

Asking yourself some questions before contacting DJ services can help you come up with a visual of your ideal day. This includes listing what types of music you want to play, as well as the genres you would like to steer clear of. You should also hire a DJ with a personality that matches the atmosphere you desire. Once you have this picture in mind, contact a wedding DJ near you to discuss your desired services and learn your options.

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18 October 2022

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