Top Tips On Renting A Bounce Castle For Your Next Event

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Whether you are planning a child's birthday party or a corporate event for families of employees, bounce castle rentals can be a fun and exciting addition to the activities you want to have at your event. Bounce castles can be fun not just for children but for adults as well. They could cool you off on hot summer days or simply provide some fun and even a little competition. Here are some top tips on renting a bounce castle for your next event.

Think About The Event Space

When you are searching for bounce castle rentals, you must first think about the event space where your party will take place. Are you planning for an outdoor event, an indoor event, or a combination of the two? You need to take into consideration the actual size of the event space before you rent a bounce castle in order to find the perfect size to fit the available space.

You should head to your event space to see the actual size you will be using, and how much of it could be devoted to a bounce castle. If you are planning an outdoor event at a park or in the parking lot of your company, you may have all the space you need. If you are planning an indoor event, make sure the space is large enough to handle it or rent a smaller bounce castle.

Also, if you want a water feature on the bounce castle, you need to make sure you have access to a water source and a hose that can connect to bounce castle rentals. The bounce castle company can typically provide any adaptors you might need to make the connection.

Flat Surface And Other Requirements

While you are at your event space and before checking out bounce castle rentals, you need to make sure the area that you wish to place your bounce castle on is a flat surface. If it's an outdoor event, there needs to either be a parking lot that has a large enough flat surface or even a part of the area that is flat enough to place a bounce castle.

You also need to think about electricity requirements for inflating the bounce castle. If the bounce castle is outside, you either need heavy-duty extension cords and access to the building's electrical supply or the company you rent from may provide generators for inflation.

You do need to think about electrical supply at an indoor event too. You will need to clear any electricity needs with the event space before renting a bounce castle. Speak with a professional for more information about bounce castle rentals


12 May 2021

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