3 Unique Ways To Use Home Theater Smart Remotes

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A home theater installation includes a lot of modern technology, and one of the main components to give you control over a home theater is a smart remote. Almost every device in a home theater can connect to a smart remote and give you complete control. When you add a smart remote to your home theater, you can learn some of the unique ways to use the remote.

1. Home Movie Library Organization

With digital streaming services, live cable, and home media, you may have trouble keeping track of all the movies and shows you want to see. With a smart remote, you can organize movie libraries and know exactly where a title is. A smart remote gives you the option to download media organization apps.

With the apps, you can keep a complete collection of your movies and television shows. Each entry can include the cover art of a title and you can add custom details. For example, you can add a superhero movie, tag it with Blu-Ray and also list any digital copies you have.

As you go to sit and enjoy a program, the remote allows you to easily browse through the titles or search through movies. Once you find a title, you can see if you own the movie or what streaming services the title is on. You will save a lot of time and can get to content faster.

2. Pre-programmed Settings

As you set up a smart remote, you will learn how to program one-step buttons to transform a home theater for specific settings. For example, in a movie mode, the remote can dim all of the lights, shut the blinds, and turn on the surround-sound speakers. After an initial set-up, you can avoid the manual changes and make changes quickly.

If you enjoy watching live sports, a special mode can turn on multiple TVs and even automatically change to specific sports networks you watch. Customize a lot of the little details to fit your personal preferences.

3. Movie Snack Options

Do you enjoy eating while you watch TV and movies? With a smart remote, you can download apps that connect you to food delivery services. You can pick out meals and snack options for delivery to your home without leaving the room. Once the food arrives, you can quickly pause the program, grab the food, and go back to your home theater.

Besides delivery, you may connect the remote to smart appliances like ovens. You can keep track of foods you bake and cook so you do not burn them or forget about them.

A home theater technician can help set up and connect a smart remote for all of the features and more.


21 January 2021

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