Want To Start Livestreaming From Home? Follow These Tips

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Have you been wanting to get into the latest craze of livestreaming? You may be looking to play video games along with your viewers that are watching on, or host an online talk about a topic of your expertise. If so, you should follow these tips if you want to make your stream look more professional.

Get A Good Camera

While it is possible to do web streaming using the camera built into your computer monitor or your phone, you'll quickly discover that this camera produces video that is very low quality. If you want high resolution, you'll need to use an external camera that will have much better quality. While you may not want to make that investment initially, be prepared to purchase a nicer external camera so that your video quality is improved. You should consider a camera that produces an HDMI output that you can feed into your computer and will produce a signal clean of video overlays.

Get A Good Internet Connection

You'll want to take a moment to figure out what your internet connection is in terms of upload speeds. Livestreaming high-quality video can use up a lot of bandwidth, and you'll quickly discover that a budget-friendly internet speed package may not work for what you are trying to do. Do some research with the streaming platform that you are using and what their recommended upload speeds are. If you are below the recommendation, consider upgrading your package so that you have faster upload speeds. 

In addition, you'll want to make sure that your connection to the internet is incredibly stable. Unfortunately, this may not be possible if you are using Wi-Fi since interference and other people on your network can cause speeds to drop suddenly and unexpectedly. You'll want to make sure that you have a wired internet connection that can keep your upload speed consistent throughout the entire live stream. 

Get A Second Computer To Run Streaming Software

Many people run their livestream off of a totally different computer. This may be more important if you are doing things on your computer that are resource-intensive, such as gaming, and your computer can't keep up with the gaming and broadcasting your livestream. Two computers will also make it easier to manage the livestream and bring in graphics while simultaneously trying to display things that are on your computer. 

Contact a webcast streaming service for more information. 


6 October 2020

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