Three Types Of Games That You Can Play At Your Local Laser Tag Arena

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When you visit your local laser tag arena with a group of friends, one of the things that you'll enjoy right away is evaluating the different types of games that you can play. At many laser tag centers, there are a number of different styles of competition for participants, and each provides its own set of challenges. Whether your group has enough members that you've booked the arena for a private game or you're joining up with people you don't know to compete together, here are three types of games that you can play.

Team Vs. Team

Perhaps the most common type of laser tag game that you'll encounter is one team competing against another. In this scenario, the players divide themselves into two equal groups and have the objective of seeing which team gets more "kills" throughout the game. The two teams will wear vests with different colors of lights, which will allow you to know who is a friend and who is a foe. For example, you might wear a vest with red lights, while your opponents might have blue lights on their vests. This can be a fun type of game if you've booked the arena for an event for your business. In this scenario, you could have your sales department compete against your management team.

Every Player For Him/Herself

Another type of game that you might encounter at your local laser tag arena is a game in which there are no teams. In other words, every player competes for himself or herself. These games tend to have wild action — it can be difficult to travel more than a few paces without encountering another player, which means that challenges lurk around every corner. In this type of game, the player who successfully shoots the most opponents wins. This information will be available for every player to see on a video board at the end of the game.

Team Objective

There are other objective-based games that you may have a chance to play, too. One version of the game requires your team to "capture" the other team's base while your opposition is trying to capture yours. Generally, capturing a base means getting to a designated area in the arena and pressing a button or taking control of a flag. Your opponents will heavily guard their base, so your team will need to use good tactics to take down your foes and enter the base to earn the win.

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14 April 2020

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