Planning To Light Off Fireworks For Friends And Family? Follow These Safety Tips

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With wholesale fireworks becoming legal in more states, you may have the desire to have a small show for some friends and family members. However, fireworks are still just as dangerous as ever. If you plan to light some fireworks, it helps to know the following safety tips.

Keep Pets Away

Keeping your pets safe is just as important as keeping your friends and family safe. Since you're likely lighting off these fireworks in your backyard or near your home, make sure that your pets are inside when the fireworks go off. You do not want your pets freaking out while they are outdoors and potentially running away from the sounds late at night. 

Light On A Level And Flat Surface

It's important to have a good staging area for where you are going to light the fireworks. You'll want a place that is very flat and secure so that the fireworks are going to go in the direction that you intend. Consider placing a board on the ground so that the fireworks are not resting on uneven dirt. The last thing you want is for a launch tube to fall over once it is lit and go in the direction of where people are watching.

Have Water Ready

You should have buckets of water or a working hose nearby so that you can use it to put out a fire that starts near your launch area. Sparks can end up catching something dry on fire, which can leave you in an unexpected situation with a fire that can grow quickly. 

Use A Long-Stem Lighter

It is best to keep your distance when lighting fireworks. Instead of using a small pocket lighter, find a long-stem lighter that is used for lighting grills. This will give you a bit more distance when lighting a firework to keep you safe, especially if the firework goes off quicker than you expected. 

Treat Duds As If They Are Still Lit

Chances are that you'll have fireworks that do not go off after you light them. Do not be tempted to go over to where the firework is and take a closer look at it. Treat these fireworks as if they are still lit and keep your distance, since you do not know if they are still capable of going off. Douse them with water as a precaution before you dispose of them. 

Buy wholesale fireworks today, and make sure to use them safely.


3 February 2020

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