All Work And No Play Can Harm Your Team Building Goals

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Many Americans workers are spending long hours at work are growing increasingly frustrated, burnt out, and disengaged. Despite putting in more hours than they did years before, the average American worker still tends to fall behind on important work projects. As a manager, you understand the importance of teamwork in the work environment, but the long hours make encouraging teamwork impossible. Adding play to the mix can help.

Adults Need Playtime Too

Remember being little and looking forward to recess after spending the first few hours of your day in a classroom? Once you reach a certain age, playtime seems to fade away. The workplace reflects the absence of play. Once you are an adult, it is all serious business. Or is it?

Research shows that the average American logs approximately 7.8% more hours annually compared to the hours logged by workers in 1979. Further, roughly one-third of Americans work around 45 hours a week, and nearly 10 million work more than 60 hours a week.

Add long works weeks to the fact that most Americans do not get enough sleep, and you have overly tired, frustrated workers with little motivation to work individually, let alone as a team. Adding playtime can help improve productivity and creativity, and it can help with teambuilding. Setting aside time for workplace fun can also improve satisfaction and loyalty while reducing burnout and stress.

Teamwork for the Win

Putting together an overworked team of individuals and asking them to get a project done is likely not going to yield favorable results. When individuals are tired and stressed, they do not work well together. You can improve team building by organizing fun activities, such as competitive games using an Olympic approach.

For instance, you can organize a tug of war in which you put teams against one another. Make sure you offer a reward of some kind, even if it is something small. For example, you can offer the winning team an extra 10-minute break or a small gift card for each member of the team.

All-in-all, games organized with teams will help your employees learn how to work together while having fun. The fact that they can get away from their workspaces to have a little fun means they will not feel the weight of a long work week as harshly as they do now.

Talk to a professional to find out what other team-building activities and game ideas will work best for your workplace.


17 December 2019

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