Why You Shouldn't Take Your Cellphone Into An Escape Room

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Many people feel attached to their cellphones and seldom find themselves more than an arm's length away from this device. It might sit next to you while you sleep, take a bath, and even while you eat. As attached as you might be to your phone, it's a good idea to leave it in the car when you visit an escape room. Doing so might seem a bit unusual, especially if you're used to having the device nearby, but deciding that you'll keep the device out of the escape room can actually enhance this fun experience for you. Here are some reasons why cellphones and escape rooms don't mix.

Temptation To Cheat

Any group should be able to solve its escape room mystery without needing to use a cellphone. However, when you have your device with you, it might be tempting to cheat. Whether you look up something to better understand a clue or send a text message to a friend who has successfully defeated the room in the past, these shortcuts may be tempting at the time, but they can cheapen the experience for you. Additionally, not everyone in your group may be on board with cheating, which can lead to conflicts. When you keep your phone out of the room, such issues won't be a concern.

Potential For Wasted Time

When you hear your phone ring or hear the sound of a text message coming in, you can be distracted from the task at hand. Getting out of the escape room before the clock runs out needs the concentration from everyone in your group, especially if you've chosen one of the more difficult rooms at the venue. If someone spends even a minute or two checking his or her text messages or talking on the phone, this person isn't contributing to the task at hand.

A Chance To Immerse Yourself

Regardless of the theme of your escape room, it can be fun to truly immerse yourself in that environment. For example, perhaps your room's theme suggests that you're in ancient Egypt and are trying to solve a mystery that will allow you to escape from a pyramid tomb before a mummy catches you. Trying to get in that mindset can enhance the experience — but when you hear an app come in and it makes you wonder how your favorite sports team is faring, you'll be drawn out of the environment mentally.

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1 August 2019

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