Top Reasons to Send Your Child to Space Camp

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If you're looking for a summer camp experience for your child, you may want to seriously consider space camp. A space camp experience is perfect for a kid who loves space and wants to learn more about the universe. Most kids who go to space camp make memories that last a lifetime and also develop new friendships with other kids who have similar interests. If you mention the idea of space camp to your child, he or she is likely to jump up and down in delight and excitement. There are a number of reasons to send your child to space camp, such as the following:

A Focus on Teamwork

Astronauts do not go on space missions alone—a whole crew must work together to make sure that a mission is successful. Just like real astronauts, campers at a space camp will need to rely on working with others during many of the activities that they will enjoy at camp. Being able to work with others and functioning well in a team environment are important life skills that your child will be able to use as he or she grows into adulthood. Teamwork is a concept that can be challenging for kids, but space camp will help your child understand the importance of teamwork and will also help your child to learn how to be a valuable member of a team.

STEM Activities

In this day and age, STEM subjects are becoming more and more important and children of all ages are encouraged to build their STEM skills. Exploring space relies heavily on science, technology, engineering, and math, so it is not surprising that space camp features a lot of STEM activities. Whether your child is currently excelling in STEM subjects or could use some help building his or her skills, space camp is sure to hold his or her interest. During space camp, your child will learn about STEM subjects in a way that is interesting and engaging.

Build Problem-Solving Skills

Space is very vast and there is still a lot that is not known today. While attending space camp, your child's mind will be challenged as he or she learns about the solar system and the universe beyond. Your child will use his or her abstract thinking skills as well as problem-solving skills to complete really fun activities that focus on space. When you send your child to space camp, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your child will be learning and having a great time. 


21 May 2019

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