Organizing A VIP Tailgate? Make Sure That It Includes These Things

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Tailgating for football can dramatically improve the fun that you have at the game, which is why many people organize tailgating parties for their friends. If you've done a number of tailgating events in the past and are always looking to step things up, one idea to pursue is what you can call a VIP tailgate. This loose definition can encompass many things, but the main goal is to give your attendees a valuable experience that they wouldn't be apt to get at an average tailgating event. Here are some things that will be central to your VIP tailgate.

Celebrity Chef

One element that will make your VIP tailgate really stand out is a celebrity chef. Obviously, the average person probably won't be able to get a chef from TV to appear at the event, but you may be able to get someone who is notable in your area — perhaps for running a barbecue restaurant. Having this person spend some time at your tailgating event and do a little cooking can quickly make your tailgate the talk of the parking lot, and this can be very exciting for those whom you've invited to attend — as well as other football fans who have wandered over to your area.

Luxury Transportation

People often consume alcohol at tailgating events, which means that driving afterward is a no-no. Instead of having people take ride-sharing transportation, one way to honor the VIP idea is to arrange luxury transportation. For example, if you have 10 or 20 people whom you've invited to the event, have one or more limos or even a limo bus pick them up in advance. It can take them to the stadium, drop them off, and then take them home a few hours later after the game.

Corporate Donations

People love getting things for free, so having some giveaways should be a feature of your VIP tailgate. Contact different companies in your area to get some giveaway items. Sports bars may donate gift cards, a local sporting goods store might donate a football jersey, and so on. Make the giveaway items as relevant to football and tailgating as possible, and then decide how you'll give these things away. A prize draw is one option, and you could make up a small prize wheel that your guests can spin to indicate which prize they'll get. These elements can make for a memorable tailgating experience — and one that your guests will hope you re-create again.


12 April 2019

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