Three Benefits Of Renting A Bounce House With An Attached Slide

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One of the best parts about renting a bounce house for a children's party is evaluating all of the different types of bounce houses that are available. You can't go wrong with a conventional bounce house, as it can easily be a source of several hours of entertainment for all of the children at the party. However, if you want to get creative, talk to the rental company about some of the other types of bounce houses that are available. One common option is a bounce house with a slide, which is often accessible via inflatable stairs or a rope ladder. Here are some benefits of choosing a bounce house equipped with a slide.

More Children Can Play At Once

Depending on the size of the bounce house you rent and the number of children who will be attending the party, it's common for some children to have to rotate through the structure. Too many children bouncing at once can be dangerous, so organizing a system in which the children take turn is important. You may end up with a few bored children who aren't keen on waiting, which makes a bounce house with an inflatable slide a good idea. With this structure, a child can be descending the slide and another can be climbing up to it, all while other children bounce inside the house. This keeps more children involved.

There's Less Risk Of Boredom

A conventional bounce house is so exciting to children that there's a low risk of boredom. However, given that the bounce house will likely be a central element of the children's party, you want the kids to stay engaged for as long as possible. The addition of a slide immediately adds another angle for the children to pursue. Those who may have had their fill of bouncing can quickly migrate to the slide, where they'll enjoy a new source of entertainment.

Increased Game Options

While children will frequently enjoy haphazard bouncing, it can be fun for the adults who are overseeing the party to introduce some bounce-themed games for the children to play. When the bounce house has a slide, there's a lot more potential for these games. For example, one option is a relay race, in which a participant must enter the house, bounce 10 times, climb up to the top of the slide, and then slide down it before tagging the next child on his or her team.

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28 November 2018

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