3 Fun Things To Expect During A Trip To A Comic Book Show

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Whether you are a comic book lover yourself or you have a kid that enjoys everything about comics, it is always worth the trip to visit a comic book show if you ever get the chance. While it is obvious that these entertainment events will have something to do with comics and comic book characters, if you've never been to these events, you are likely wondering what you will find. Here is a look at some of the fun things you should expect when you head to a comic book show. 

1. Expect to see cool cosplay costume contests at the event.  

One of the coolest things about comic book shows is a lot of people who head to the event will actually dress up like their favorite characters, which can be a lot of fun to see and participate in as well. These cosplay contests that are often hosted at the event are not your usual costume contests. Many of these will have hugely valuable prizes and some people really put a lot of time and money into creating some amazing costumes. Don't be at all surprised if you run into a costume donner who looks identical to one of your favorite characters and doesn't mind posing for a picture. 

2. Expect to see some of the comic book artists at the event. 

If you have a certain comic book artist who you would love to meet, you never know if you might see them make an appearance at certain comic book shows. It is not at all uncommon for the comic book artists to set up a booth to meet and greet fans or to sign comic books throughout the night. Most of the time, the event organizers will advertise which artists are planned or scheduled to make an appearance at the event, so make sure you carefully look over the event announcements and ads before you purchase tickets. 

3. Expect to get access to fun door prizes or giveaways for ticketholders. 

When you buy a ticket to a comic book show, you are also going to usually get a chance at winning awesome comic-related door prizes just for showing up. You may even find giveaways you can sign up to win once you get to the event. You can oftentimes win everything from collectible comic book figurines and special edition comic books to money, trips, movie premiere tickets, and adventures with characters you love. 


26 October 2018

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