Use Solar Power To Power These Things At Your Mini Golf Course

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If you own and operate a golf course, it's always a good idea to implement new ideas that can not only be cost effective for you, but can also improve your reputation in the community. Installing solar panels throughout your property is a financial investment that may be considerable at the time, but that can save you money in the long run — while also demonstrating to your environmentally conscious customers that you care about finding sources of renewable energy. In the mini golf setting, solar power can be valuable because it can allow you to power the following things.


If you have any ponds, streams, or other water around your golf course, you almost certainly have one or more fountains. In addition to providing visual interest, fountains are handy because they keep the water moving, thus reducing the growth of unsightly algae. What you might not know is that you can easily power your fountains with energy harvested from the sun. Setting up the fountains to run off your solar panels will cut down on your energy costs and you might not feel so guilty about running your fountains overnight when your mini golf center is closed.

Moving Obstacles

No mini golf course is complete without a series of obstacles that move. For example, a classic device of this nature at many mini golf courses is a windmill that slowly spins and intermittently blocks players' approach to the hole, but many mini golf courses have a multitude of other obstacles that require power. Things that spin, lift up and down, and perform other movements to challenge your players are draining electricity, but when you hook them up to your solar system, you'll be saving this expense while continuing to offer fun challenges and visual appeal for your players.


Many mini golf centers are open during the evening hours, making for a perfect venue for people on dates and those who want to play when it's cooler outside. It's common to have lights along the paths of your course to provide illumination for your players, but running several lights might not be cheap — especially if your area's electricity rates are high. Powering your mini golf center's lights off your solar power will lead to major changes in your monthly electricity bills. When you make these changes, you can make a point of advertising your use of solar power to your customers, which may make them wish to support you even more.

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8 September 2018

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