Essential Items To Take To A Stock Car Race

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From its roots in the south, stock car racing has spread throughout the nation and attracted countless fans along the way. If you're a new fan and have enjoyed watching the events on TV, your next mission might be to head to your nearest track — or take a longer road trip to a distant track — and enjoy a weekend of racing. The planning that you put into this experience is directly related to your enjoyment of it. In advance of your trip, it's a good idea to devote enough time to packing all of the essential items that you'll need to make your time sitting in the stands enjoyable. Here are some essential items to pack with you.

Ear Protection

Stock car racing is one of the loudest spectator sports that you can attend, and you'll want hearing protection even if your seats are in the upper part of the stands. You have a few options to consider. The simplest form of hearing protection is a pair of earplugs that fit into your ears. Another option is larger earmuffs that sit over the ears and have a thick layer of foam to keep the noise out. Yet another style to consider is earmuffs that have a built-in radio. With this type of device, you can tune the radio to the location station that is broadcasting the race and enjoy the play-by-play account.


Stock car racing circuits include short tracks and long tracks. At the former, you can generally see all of the action from where you sit. At long tracks, however, which are commonly called "super speedways," it can be difficult to see the cars when they're on the far side of the track. To keep informed about what's going on, you may enjoy packing a pair of binoculars with you. You can use them when the cars are far away, and then lower them as the cars approach.


When you're thinking about the elements, you might remember to pack a hat and sunscreen if the forecast calls for plenty of sun. You'll also want to keep a pair of sunglasses with you so that you're not squinting to see the action. There's understandably little to no shade at stock car tracks, which means that you may spend the bulk of your afternoon in the sun. With sunglasses, you'll be able to more easily follow the cars around the track.


16 November 2017

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