Party On, Sci-Fi Nerds: How To Throw The Perfect Cyberpunk Theme Party

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If you and your friends are sci-fi aficionados, cyberpunk is the perfect theme for a unique party. Autumn is the most convenient season to host a theme party. You'll be able to find all of your home decorations at seasonal Halloween stores, and your guests will be able to easily find costumes for the occasion. However, you and your guests can also find all of the cyberpunk decor and attire you need online if you're throwing your party at some other time in the year.

Send out Invites and Keep Your Friends Interested

Create a Facebook Event for your party at least a couple of weeks in advance so that your friends will have ample time to put together their costumes. Customize the Event page with images from your favorite cyberpunk films, comics, and games to give your guests some inspiration for their attire. You should also personally text or call everyone you want to show up — direct contact will make your friends feel like you're personally thinking of them, making them more likely to attend.

Every day, log on to your Event page and post a relevant update. Your updates should include pictures of merchandise you've purchased for the party as well as cyberpunk-related images to generate discussion amongst your guests. Every time you post an update, it will appear on your guests' News Feeds, making them more likely to maintain interest and show up on the big day.

Turn Your Home into a Cyberpunk Dystopia

If you're a cyberpunk enthusiast, you're probably well aware of the cyberpunk aesthetic. To set the mood, you need to recreate that aesthetic as close as possible. Swap out your lightbulbs with blacklight bulbs to give your home the dark urban glow that sets the stage for most cyberpunk media. Adorn your walls with orange and violet string lights to establish the trademark cyberpunk color pallette. Accent your home with urban-themed Halloween decorations such as deteriorated road signs and miniature billboards to complete the look.

Put Together a Cyberpunk Media Room

No cyberpunk story is complete without characters being plugged into digital entertainment systems. Put together a themed media center to be the centerpiece of your party. A proper media center will also keep your guests entertained throughout the night while they're socializing.

For best results, you'll need two televisions: one for movies, and one for retro video games. If you only have one television, you can purchase an old CRT TV from most classified listings for extremely cheap. CRT televisions are great for retro video game setups: they have low resolutions that are perfect for old-school gaming systems, and they have a retro look that will match your cyberpunk aesthetic.

Set up a movie playlist on your first TV. Since your guests will be moving around and socializing, it's okay to keep the movies on mute — that way they'll be more of a conversation piece rather than a distraction. Some of the most popular cyberpunk films include "Blade Runner," "The Terminator," "RoboCop," and "Ghost in the Shell". If you want to deviate from these classics, you can also post a poll on your Facebook page and have your guests vote on their favorite cyberpunk films.

Purchase a retro video game system to hook up to your second TV. Not only are retro games perfect for the cyberpunk aesthetic, but they also give your guests something to actively entertain themselves with while they socialize. Some of the most classic cyberpunk games include "Shadowrun," "Syndicate," and "Flashback," all of which are available on the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo consoles. Classic retro video games such as "Galaga," "Pac-Man," and "Asteroids" are also great party games. They don't necessarily have a cyberpunk theme, but they have bright colors and 8-bit soundtracks that perfectly compliment the cyberpunk aesthetic.


9 October 2017

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