Tips For First-Time Escape Room Attendees

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If you like real-life strategic puzzle games which emphasize cooperation with other players, then you'd probably love an escape room. Escape rooms are a fun way to socialize as well as work on a challenging puzzle game, but if you've never done one before, then you may not know what to expect. Here are a few tips on what to do if you haven't done an escape game before. Rules and procedures may vary from room to room, so this is only a guideline.

Dress comfortably:

Even though it's a social occasion, there's no reason to dress up. Some escape rooms can be very physical, so you might be crawling under floors, climbing or using physical force. Be sure to wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.

Leave the phones and tablets at home:

Many escape rooms don't let you use your electronic devices, so it's better either to keep them at home or at least turned off. Besides, it's not much of a challenge if you can look up information on how to solve the puzzle every time you get stuck.

Try to form your own team:

Some escape rooms only let you work with other strangers and others may only let you book the room with only part of your own team. While escape rooms are a great way to meet new people, if you're into solving the puzzle, teams filled with strangers are often more difficult to work with. Some people find working with people they know to be more fun. Check the rules about this when booking so you can be prepared.

Check out everything:

The creators of the room put a lot of thought into each little thing about the puzzle. While some objects may be deceptions, other objects may be critical to use to solve the game. Call out what you see to your teammates. Don't stand on the sidelines observing, just get in there and check out everything.

Don't be afraid to ask for a hint:

Nearly all escape rooms will allow a limited number of hints. For a beginner, these hints are often immensely helpful. The room's gamemasters may even ask if you need a hint if they feel you are struggling. Make sure to use your hints wisely at the proper time.

Above all, this experience is supposed to be fun and not stressful. Don't worry if you don't solve the puzzle in time. If you're concerned about being closed up in a room, then you should know that there are people monitoring everything, so you will be perfectly safe. Most rooms have a fun theme to make it more interesting. If you've managed to solve the puzzle, then keep it to yourself and your group and don't spoil it for other people. If you are up for this kind of experience, then contact an escape room close to you to sign up.


14 June 2017

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