Preparing For Your First Spooky Haunted House Excursion

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If you have never walked through a haunted house during the Halloween season in the past, and your friends had asked you to come along for a walk-through of a local scary entertainment site, you are most likely a bit apprehensive, yet excited, about what you will endure during your session. It is a good idea to do a little prep work before you take a trip to a haunted house to help in keeping you comfortable and ready for surprises. Here are some tips you can use to help make your trip enjoyable.

Make Sure You Have The Right Clothing

When you go into a haunted house, it is a good idea to skip carrying a purse or wallet so you do not accidentally drop it in an area where you are unable to retrieve it easily. Instead, consider wearing a fanny pack or make sure you have deep pockets to hold your belongings so they do not get lost in the shuffle as you scamper away from ghouls and goblins. Be sure to wear a pair of sneakers with skid-proof soles to help in keeping you from slipping as you try running away from scary encounters. It is best to avoid sandals, flip-flops, or high-heels so you do not accidentally become injured.

Remind Yourself Often Of Your Whereabouts

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of a haunted house, as you will be sure to encounter some unexpected happenings throughout the excursion. Try reminding yourself that you are in a location for entertainment purposes as you walk through the structure. This will help in keeping the mood light, making you laugh after you scream from being scared rather than crying from extreme fear. Ask the haunted house if there are any gory scenes set up within the building you will be walking through so you can prepare yourself for these images ahead of time.

Use The Buddy System When Walking Through The House

If you are worried about being left behind when your friends walk through the haunted house, be sure to enlist one friend as your buddy to stick with throughout the entire session. Let this person know not to leave your side! If you partner up with someone beforehand, you will have the power in numbers to battle whatever scary apparitions or monsters are thrown your way. Let your friend know that if you do get separated, they are not to leave the house until you are located. Keep your cell phone handy if you get lost inside of the haunted house. There should be signs indicating where exits are located, however, in case of emergencies.


17 May 2017

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