Worthwhile Goals For Your Child To Set When Taking Swim Lessons

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Enrolling your child in swim lessons at a place like Jersey Wahoos Swim Club can yield a variety of benefits, including giving the child an opportunity to enjoy some physical exercise, make new friends, and even improve any self-esteem issues. It's useful to talk to your child about setting some goals upon joining the club. Goals can be a way to keep the child engaged in the swim group at each practice and swim meet. While it's a good idea for your child to set his or her own goals, it's helpful if you can make some suggestions if the child is drawing a blank when it comes to ideas. Here are some worthwhile goals that your child may wish to set.

Beat A Personal Best

All the swimming that your child does as a member of the swim club should be helping to develop his or her fundamentals. This should ideally mean that your child will become faster in the pool. Many young swimmers are constantly looking to set and beat their personal bests; over the course of a long swim season, it's also possible for a swimmer to beat his or her personal best a number of times. Beating a personal best is an effective goal for your child to set because it keeps him or her striving to improve in the pool.

Improve His/Her BMI

There's no doubt that many young swimmers stay active in swim lessons in an effort to improve their physical fitness. Whether the swimmer is already in shape and wants to get even fitter or a swimmer struggles to maintain a healthy weight, membership in the swim club can be a valuable ally. If your child fits into the latter category, he or she may wish to set a goal of improving his or her body mass index by the end of the swim season. This index, which evaluates the ratio between a person's height and weight, is possible to lower through consistent cardiovascular exercise.

Learn A New Stroke

Taking swim lessons provides your child with a perfect opportunity to learn a new swimming stroke. If your child hasn't formally learned an advanced stroke such as the butterfly, he or she can work with the instructors to learn the basics of this stroke, and then improve it over the course of the swim season. Learning a new swim stroke can help your child go further in the club, as well as find a different way to burn calories and strengthen his or her muscles in the pool.


16 December 2016

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